WWU: ‘Tis the Season

If there was ever a perfect week to fire up the Weekly Wrap-up (WWU) segment again, this is it! With a massive shakeup of how the HGC will work for Australia and New Zealand in 2018, a new organisation throwing their hat into the ring and the Winter Veil in-game event getting underway, Santa has most definitely come a few days early for ANZ.

Read on to catch up on all the news that you may have missed:

► Earlier this week Blizzard Esports ANZ announced details of how the HGC will work for the Australian and New Zealand region in 2018. In a leap forward on previous years, our region will feature a Premier Division format that is more in line with the NA and EU leagues, as well as an Open Division and two international clashes with Latin America. Overall, it’s a massive step forward for the local scene, but it comes at a price – our region is no longer guaranteed a spot at the Mid Season Brawl or BlizzCon. Be sure to take a look at our in-depth breakdown on the HGC format for 2018 by newest contributor Tomato for reactions by local players.

► Australian esports organisation Outlaws Gaming yesterday announced that they have acquired the Team NMD lineup. The roster, which finished third last season, consists of Hykkup, IBW, Coffee, Laharl and Gondotheboo and is one of three confirmed teams for season one of ANZ HGC Premier Division. Those who attended PAX Australia back in November may recognise the name Outlaws – their Paladins team took out second place in the Paladins Global Series Oceania Championships that was held on the ESL Stage.

► The MMR saga continues, with Blizzard releasing another balance patch that has manually corrected the ranks of players who rose or fell by more than one division from where they ended in season three. Several heroes were also hot-fixed in the patch, most notably Garrosh. Read all about it in the official balance patch notes.

► The Winter Veil in-game event is live from now until 9 January 2018. Goodies up for grabs include the Gingerboard mount, four new skins, limited-time Winter Veil sprays and portraits, as well as the Snow Brawl. For more details check out the official Winter Veil 2017 announcement post.

► ICYMI last week, Ethyr has written a great year in review post that takes a look at the state of competitive Heroes of the Storm in Latin America. Next up in the series is South East Asia, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Facebook accounts to catch it when it’s released!

► Last but not least, here is the VOD from the second Unreal Aussies Clash of Clans tournament that happened last Sunday. The clash put the UA community against Onyx Guild and also featured special guest caster, Jake ‘Kitfox’ Punton. If you’re looking for a great bunch of people to hang out with, then you should definitely check out these two fantastic communities!

That’s all for this week. The crew from ANZ Heroes wishes you a very Merry Christmas! May the matchmaking gods shine down upon you during the holiday break.

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