WWU: Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-up for Friday 26 January. It’s a good thing we have a long weekend over here in Australia, because this week was absolutely massive! We have results from week one of HGC ANZ Premier League Preseason Qualifier, big news from overseas and a bunch of community content for you to take a look at, so let’s dive on in.

Read on to catch up on any news you may have missed this week:

Heroes of the Storm Weekly Wrap-up | ANZ Heroes

► Tuesday was the first official day of the ANZ HGC Preseason Qualifier, and it started with a bang! Even with a last minute format switch from Swiss to Round Robin, there were plenty of action to be seen with 15 hopeful teams showing up for the first day of play. Check out our write up here, or head on over to the Blizzard_ANZ Twitch channel to watch the VoDs.

► The first episode of Heroes Untapped aired on Monday evening, and featured special guests GondoTheBoo from Outlaws Gaming and scene veteran Grumpshot from Onyx. You can watch the VoD here.

► Speaking of Heroes Untapped, Disconcur is calling for submissions for Massive Moments and Disco’s Mailbag. Those who submit clips for Massive Moments have a chance to win a hero code if the viewers vote your clip as the best one.

►Take a look at this sweet Hanzo giveaway that P4ND4M0N1UM is running!

► Have you got your tips in for next week yet? We know of at least two community members who are documenting their picks for each week of preseason play, and we’d love to hear yours. Check out Coffee’s HGC ANZ predictions here.

► Aussie expat Arcaner has found a new home with Method, who announced their entry into the EU Heroes of the Storm scene last week. They started their HGC season off with a bang, taking out Diamond Skin 3-0.

Heroes of the Dorm, Blizzard’s Collegiate competition that offers over $500,000 in scholarships, is returning in 2018. Unsurprisingly, they have ditched Facebook as the broadcasting partner and have returned to the loving arms of Twitch and MLG.

► The latest patch notes for Heroes of the Storm see plenty of tweaks for heroes, most notably Blaze, who has seen a slight buff.

► Blizzard have done a good thing and have decided to reward those who qualified based on their 2017 Ranked Season 3 performance with a Golden Cybersteed and Spectrum Cybersteed after they mistakenly said it would be included. Read about the 2017 Ranked Season 3 Rewards Update here.

Here is the Weekly Collection Update for 23-30 January.

► Last but not least, here is a video from Kategari called I am GUNDAM. Remember that you can submit your content to us for a chance of being included simply by messaging us on Twitter or Facebook.

We hope everyone in Australia has a great long weekend! See you next week.

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