Winterveil is Coming

The end of 2016 is almost here, and it looks it will not be going quietly. We’ve got tournaments, casual leagues, team changes, Aussie streamers hitting the big time and much more. Get up to speed on everything you’ve missed this week in Heroes of the Storm news from Australia and New Zealand by checking out this week’s wrap-up below…


■ The Winterveil Classic is on this Saturday at 12pm AEDT! This one day event has a prize pool of $400 up for grabs, thanks to MC Mortgage Solutions and ANZ Heroes. Five teams have entered so far and there are some big names floating around on some of the rosters, so it’s shaping up to be a great day of quality play. You will be able to catch all the action live on ANZHeroesTV with casters Disconcur, Vandie, GLPhoenix and ZeNox.

■ Morton’s Royal Rumble was held last weekend, and there were enough sign ups to form 10 teams in total. Aside from a few smurf accounts throwing out the balance a little at the start, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Congratulations to the winners, Pest Control! VODs from the event are available on our YouTube Channel.

■ Did you enjoy last weekend’s Royal Rumble? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that Disconcur is looking at creating a solo sign-up low rank league that will run in January. Unlike other leagues, this one is solely for players at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Ranks or those who have played less than 50 Heroes League games. He is currently seeking expressions of interest via this Google doc, so check it out and let him know what you think.

■ Masterminds have bowed out of Heroes of the Storm before their team even had a chance to compete. This comes after Vanilla and john jumped ship to join up with Season 3 Champions Arcaner, Benjamin94 and robadobah on their new team, tentatively named Tapir Dynasty.

■ It’s been a a massive week for expat KidKerrigan, who has become the first Australian personality to be added to the official Heroes of the Storm streaming schedule. In addition to that, she has also been signed by Gale Force Esports, joining the ranks of their impressive stream team. Congratulations!

■ In #HGC2017 news, the final two European teams to qualify are Russian Circus and Diamond skin. They join Team Dignitas, Fnatic, Misfits, Two Bees Determined, The Damascus Boys and beGenius in the lucrative league that sees teams paid a wage to compete.

■ Over in the US, Grandmaster Jackets and No Tomorrow have claimed spots five and six after winning the the third HGC Qualifier last weekend. The last two teams will be decided when the fourth and final qualifier happens on 11-12 December.

■ Ballistix convincingly defeated MVP Miracle to take home the top prize at the Gold China World Championship last week.

■ Blizzard held a Reddit Q&A Session on Hero balance earlier this week. Click here for a summary of what was discussed.

■ It would appear that the balance team are working overtime. Click here to see the balance patch notes that went live yesterday.

■ Ragnaros hit the PTR on Tuesday, meaning we could be seeing him on live servers as early as this week. You can catch up on patch notes here.

■ Weekly sale items for December 6-13 in $AUD.

■ Last but not least, check out Aussie YouTuber BRBteakbreak’s latest video, titled Greymane – A Comeback Story. Enjoy!

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