Welcome to the ANZ Heroes Community Site

Welcome to ANZ Heroes, your new one-stop destination for all things Heroes of the Storm in Australia and New Zealand!

The aim of this site is to grow the fledgeling local scene here in ANZ into a vibrant and active scene that other regions take seriously. We intend to do this by:

  • Reporting on and promoting upcoming events such as tournaments, the weekly league, LAN’s, etc.
  • Fostering growth within the Heroes of the Storm eSports community by providing content that supports the competitive scene
  • Provide the general player base with relevant and entertaining news, guides and opinion pieces
  • Promote local content creators by exposing their work to a wider community

Since this is a community site first and foremost, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what kinds of information you would like to see posted.

We already have a few snippets up on the main page that you can check out, but we would like to know if there is anything else you think the scene would greatly benefit from.

Website Features

As of September 2015, here are the main features of ANZ Heroes:

If there is something else you feel will be a great addition to the site and will really help to strengthen the scene, please tell us about it via the contact form.

How often will the site be updated?

Currently the schedule involves publishing at least one post per day, depending on whether or not there is relevant news to share or an engaging topic that the general public want to hear about.

We don’t want to flood the site with trashy clickbait titles that push important news off the front page, and as a two man show with lots of commitments IRL, we don’t really have the time to do that anyhow.

If you would like to donate your talent as a contributor to ANZ Heroes, please send an email to neri (at) anzheroes.com with a brief description of the kinds of content you would like to contribute, how often you would be interested in posting, as well as a few samples of your work. (Please note: This is an unpaid gig)

Will you be producing YouTube content?

At this stage we are solely focusing on producing written content, but are strongly considering adding it as a Patreon milestone. As mentioned above, there are only two of us working on the site, and creating YouTube content to a high standard takes up significantly more time than our main writer has at the moment.

Where are the forums?

We are still deciding whether or not there is any value in starting up forums when the Heroes of the Storm Aus/NZ General Discussion forums, and the Heroes of the Storm Australia & New Zealand Facebook group already receive a lot of traffic and don’t require anyone to sign up for anything, since most of us already have a Battlenet or Facebook account.

If interest is strong enough and we feel confident that they will be utlised by a majority of the community, we will consider adding them as a Patreon milestone.

Why the .com Domain Name?

To register a com.au domain name, you must have an ABN, and that is something that we do not have yet. If the community’s response to this project is strong, we’ll consider making it a more official thing, but for now it is simply a hobby that we are both passionate about.

How can we get in touch?

We are always eager to hear from you guys. You can email disconcur (at) anzheroes.com or drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Klas

    Neat. Looking forward to it.

    Reckon you guys could use your community knowhow to compile a list of “featured” streams? Maybe chuck them on the sidebar or something? Would that be a feature worth considering at least?

    • Hi Klas, thanks for the feedback! Promoting local streamers and content creators is definitely something we want to be actively doing, and have started to do so with the Content Directory, as well as doing social media shout outs when they’re live.

      From an editorial perspective, I definitely intend on shining a light on some of our local talent, but a widget in the sidebar that accompanies their article is a brilliant idea. I’ll run it by Disco!

      Thanks again for the feedback 🙂