Weekly Wrap-up – September 25

Since launching on Wednesday night, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive feedback that you guys have provided us. We’re currently working on implementing some of the fantastic ideas that you have given us, such as a Looking For Team section, a Media tab for screenshots, etc. as well as attempting to give the site more of a Heroes of the Storm feel and less of an ANZ Bank vibe! Thank you to everyone who has shown us support so far. Please keep the feedback coming!

Anyhow, here is a wrap up on the news and happenings that you may have missed out on this week, including links from around the web:

ANZ Weekly League To Start Next Week

x5 Monthly Brawl Results – September

Stuck home this Saturday night? Morton is planning a banter stream and has invited members of the ANZ community to join him.

Say goodbye to No Shows AU, who have retired from the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene

No Medic on the PTR today:

Blizzard‘s Kim Phan Teases Heroes’ Future

Weekly Sale: September 22-29 (Prices have been converted to $AUD)

Coming Soon: New Heroes, Skins an Mounts

SEA Shoutcasting legend, Babael, and Shy from Team Immunity chat with Disconcur, BlueAura and Kruvin on Heroes Untapped.

Have I missed anything? Share it with everyone in the comments! Have a great weekend.

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