Weekly Wrap Up: Thunder From Downunder

Nomia took the Western Clash by storm over the weekend, putting up a fight and proving that ANZ has got what it takes to hold its own in the global scene. Day one saw Nomia take on Misfits and showing off everything they had to offer during the first game. Game two was incredibly close but saw Misfits advancing to the higher bracket leaving Nomia to duke it out in the lower bracket against Team 8. They put on a valiant show nabbing the win in game one but were unfortunately eliminated by game two. Never the less the guys from Nomia did us proud.


►The latest patch notes were released this Monday the 6th detailing balance updates, a new hero and more! 

►Nexus’ newest specialist is sure to prove himself that big heroes come in small packages. Probuis hit the PTR Monday and is an interesting and unique addition to the Heroes line up.  A detailed overview of his abilities and skins can be found here.

►GosuGamers sat down with Arcaner from Nomia and wrote an article about their HGC performance and views on the ANZ region

►Also coming to the PTR is a complete UI overhaul. Party frames, portrait frames and killstreak frames are getting a new look come the next patch release and are currently being tested in the PTR.

►Looking to expand your hero pool? Over the next month playing using Cho’Gall or pairing up with a player who already has Cho’Gall will permanently unlock him after winning 2 matches.

► The Monthly Open Cup series (MOC) has been announced by ourselves here on ANZHeroes.com. The first single day event is scheduled to take place on the 25th of March this month.

►Season 1 Ranked games for this year will be rolling out with the next patch. Start dates and rewards for this season were released this morning, Friday the 10th, scope them out here.

►Gather seeds and use the power of nature to overrun the enemies’ core in this week’s Heroes Brawl. Garden Arena is a best-of-three match featuring the Garden Terror. Details and rewards are listed here.

►Australian write Nick Fielder aka legOlamb has written a post discussing the up and coming changes to Arthas. Check out the Blizzpro post for his thoughts on the rework.

►The Western Clash over the weekend saw our very own Nomia take on the world stage for the first time and while they fought hard, they were knocked out early on. The show went on however and the remainder teams battled it out for the championship position. Sunday the 5th saw last year’s champions; Team Dignitas take the crown once more. Blizzard has posted wrap ups for each day which can be found at the following links:

Friday March 3rd – Day one.

Saturday March 4th – Day Two.

Sunday March 5th – Championship.

Finally I’ll leave you with today’s video, the reveal trailer for the newest hero to join Nexus.

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