Weekly Wrap Up: The Heat is on

Things certainly got heated over the weekend and I’m not just referring to the 45 degree weather! Competitions, new events, heroes and more in this week’s wrap-up!

► Last weekend Australia and New Zealand’s finest went head to head to compete for the final two championship positions in the second and final ANZ HGC qualifier. We saw teams SASSU and Plantronics NV come out on top and claim the last two spots in the Championship. You can see the VODs on ANZ Heroes TV.

► Now that we have our four contenders, SASSU and Plantronics NV will join Nomia and Sweet Dreams in the ANZ HGC Season One Championship to battle it out for a chance to win a share in the $20,000 prize pool. The winner will not only walk away with a healthy sum of cash, they will have also earned the right to represent our region at the Western Brawl in March. You will be able to watch the action unfold this Saturday on the Heroes of the Storm channel  at the conclusion of the NA HGC.

► Sweet Dreams’ Championship dreams have been dealt a blow after one after one of their players, Fesh, confirmed he will no longer be competing in tomorrow’s Championship series. Earlier today it was announced that he is part of the new Tainted Minds roster and will now be playing in the League of Legends exclusive OPL.

► The latest Heroes of the Storm patch notes were released on Wednesday 15 February. If you haven’t read them yet you can check them out here!

► Ooh, you hear that? It’s the sound of new hero Lúcio comin’ at you! If you’re unsure what he’s all about Blizzard Breaks it Down!

► Wield Frostmourne, ready Deathwhisper and harness the power of the Arcane,  because the event “For Azeroth!” is now live in Australia and New Zealand. Grab some friends and choose your favourite Warcraft heroes to score some in game goodies for Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. Blizzard has even added lots of Warcraft heroes to this week’s free-to-play hero rotation.

► Heroes of the Dorm kicked off earlier today. College students from the United States and Canada will be battling it out to have the college tuition paid off! The matches will be streamed exclusively on Facebook. Check out Blizzard’s page for more info.

► Looking to expand your hero pool? Here are this week’s Weekly Sale items in $AUD

Finally, we leave you with a video by Kategari Yami. See you tomorrow!

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