Weekly Wrap Up: The Clash Before the Storm



► The Western Clash starts this weekend beginning Friday March 3rd in the Polish city Katowice. Teams from North America, Europe, Latin America and our very own Normia who will represent the ANZ division, will all have a chance to compete against each other and claim a chunk of the $100,000 prize pool.

The action all begins this Friday at 12pm CET/10pm AEDT and will run through the weekend with the grand finals on Sunday March 5th. Blizzheroes will be streaming the competition all weekend for anyone not lucky enough to nab tickets to Katowice or just for those looking to catch up. For more information check out the HGC Western Clash page. Good Luck, Normia!

► The Blizzard Heroes twitter account has hinted to an exciting announcement of a new hero during the #HGC Western Clash tomorrow. From the Hype train it looks like we can expect something Starcraft related.

► This week’s Heroes Brawl is Mage Wars! Choose only from one of three randomly selected Mage Heroes and prepare to enter Tomb of the Spider Queen. Prove your masterly of the arcane, fel, voodoo or chronal arts and earn yourself 1,000 gold coins but also a special Mage inspired account portrait. You can read more about the Brawl from the Battle.net Heroes Brawl post.

► A meta changing update was released on Tuesday the 28th addressing some big fixes and hero balance issues. Also featured in this patch was a considerable change to the well loved and often contested warrior hero Varian. Varian wasn’t the only hero to receive some changes so we recommend reading the updates on the Blizzard Battle.net Patch notes.

► An improvement to Quick Match queue times has been implemented as of Wednesday March 1st which has seen queue times reduces by about 50-75%, according to Blizzard. Read more about the changes from Community Manager Rathmyr forum post.

► A new week brings a new sale and a new rotation of free to play heroes and don’t worrie for those still trying to complete the “For Azeroth” event there are still a heap of free WOW heroes to play with. Free-to-play hero list from Spyrian (community Manager for Blizzard) has been updated. This weeks sale items and their AUD prizes are also available  from Spyrian other forum post here.

► For a little bit of insight into the mind of Australian player Robadobah, you can check out the Blizzpro post written by LegOLamb.

That is for this weeks wrap up! Until next week.