Weekly Wrap Up: Storms Rumble The Nexus

Some exciting news is coming to Nexus! With the announcement of Heroes 2.0 we’re looking at some pretty major changes to the game. Let’s delve into this week’s Wrap Up and check out the details.

►March 28th saw another Balance update affecting a few heroes. You can view all the details here.

►March 29th Blizzard announced some pretty exciting changes to Heroes of the Storm with the announcement of Heroes 2.0. some of the changes include a new progression and rewards system, lots of different cosmetic options including new hero customization and many more. Blizzard will have an open beta running for the next mouth allowing community members  to test out the changes and provide feedback. Check out LegOlamb’s view on the changes!

►New Hero Cassia has been announced as the next addition to the hero roster.

►There was also a small hotfix implemented today, March 30th which you can view here.

►Play as the lord of Slam himself in this week’s Heroes Brawl: AzmoDUNK Brawl. Read about the rules and rewards here.

►Week two results from the ANZ HGC open weekly. Week 3 registration are open now!

►Don’t forget to check out the weekly sale with AUD prices here. You can also check here for this week’s Free Hero Rotation.

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