Weekly Wrap Up: Storms Brewing

In the wake of Normia’s amazing feats at the Western Clash, The HGC is back and looking for more ANZ talent. Gamestah announced last night that Season Two is kicking off soon and that they will be the hosting one of the pathways to the season two championships. You can read the full announcement here.

►Our own ANZHeroes Monthly cup will be happening next weekend (25th March). You can read more information on that via the Challonge signup page. 

►Interested in signing up for Season Two but feel you still need to refine you skills? Leg0Lamb will be breaking things down over the next couple of weeks with some short and informative articles on how to improve your game play. You can read the first one here

►A new patch hit Nexus on Tuesday the 14th you can check out all the details here. 

►Nexus’ newest hero also went live Tuesday, Blizzard gives an in depth look at Probius. 

►Send the enemy team to the Burning Hells in this week’s Heroes Brawl; Silver City, a Single-Lane Battleground. The rules and rewards can be viewed here

►Some more changes to Quick Matches again this week. Blizzard has implemented changes to further define hero roles for QM games to help them be more consistent and balanced. A few select heroes will now be categorised as Bruisers or Tanks as well a one-hero-per-team limitation for some heroes. You can read up on the changes here.

►College students across the US have been battling it out over the past Month and sixty-four teams have proven themselves lucky but it’s not quite over yet. Starting this weekend said teams will start the long road to the Heroic Four at cox Pavilion in Las Vegas. You can catch all the action on Facebook Live.

►Don’t forget to take advantage of Blizzard’s weekly sale, AUD prices for this week here. 

►This weekend is also the HGC Eastern Clash with the action being streamed live to https://www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes.

► A bit of exciting news for those Uther fans out there! Appears our favorite Paladin will be reviving some changes or maybe a rework sooner then we think! Thanks @Blizzard. 

That’s all for your Heroes Weekly Wrap Up, see you next week!

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