Weekly Wrap-up — October 9

Here is a wrap up on the news and happenings that you may have missed out on this week, including links from around the web:

Lt. Morales is has officially arrived in the Nexus

The latest patch is now live. You can read the patch notes here.

Have you pre-purchased Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void? Good news. You will get to play Artanis in Heroes of the Storm on October 20 — a full week before the general player base can.

Morton has released more details about the upcoming ANZ HotS Showdown, including a cash prize pool and sign ups.

Congratulations to Silicon Sports, HotSaus and Ascended Gaming, who have each taken home wins in the second round of the ANZ Weekly Swiss League. There are still two matches to be played.

Could we be seeing a Ready Button for Hero League in the near future?

Heading to PAX Aus? Delfier is trying to organise a player meet up.

Closecombat would like to remind everyone to not be ‘that guy’

Heroes Untapped Episode 12 is now available:

Weekly Sale Items October 6 – 13

  • Nova – $6.47 AUD / $7.54 NZD
  • Spectre Nova Skin – $6.47 AUD / $7.54 NZD
  • Chef Stitches Skin – $6.47 AUD / $7.54 NZD

Prices are correct via the in-game client and themoneyconverter.com as of 8 October

Free Hero Rotation

  • Azmodan
  • E.T.C
  • Kael’thas
  • Li Li
  • Uther
  • Nova
  • Anub’arak

Our posting schedule should return to normal next week, so be sure to check back here regularly for more news, event updates and content finds from the Australian and New Zealand Heroes of the Storm community!

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