Weekly Wrap-up — October 2

While ANZ Heroes may have been relatively quiet this week thanks to sick children IRL, there has been plenty of stuff going on both locally and around the world in Heroes of the Storm.

Here is a wrap up on the news and happenings that you may have missed out on this week, including links from around the web:

Sign ups for the ANZ Royal Rumble close today

Congratulations to Apex, Kyanite eSports, Exile5 and Silicon Sports, who have all won their first matches in the ANZ Weekly League. There are still two matches left to be played in this round.

The PTR is now live. Just remember that there is no AU/NZ PTR server so you will have to endure ping. The patch notes can be found here.

Speaking of PTR, if you have pre-purchased Legacy of the Void, there is a chance you can random up Artanis

Blizzard took to their official blog to talk about fine-tuning the game

The Magni Marudin diamond heroic animation is coming back!

Curse Entertainment have released an Artanis Ability Overview video

And if you’re not hyped enough for Artanis, check out this tribute track mixed by AgainstTime.

The Lt. Morales Hero Spotlight also came out last weekend

There is a Brawl with the Blues happening on Wednesday, October 7 

Weekly Sale: September 29 – October 06 (Prices converted to $AUD + $NZD)

Heroes Untapped Episode 11 is now out:

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