Weekly Wrap-up: November 27

There is a lot of local news to cover this week, so let’s jump straight into the news wrap-up for 27 November, 2015!

The Best Cho’gall Duo ANZ event has been cancelled due to lack of interest

The APL has been delayed until mid January 2016 and will have more relaxed entry requirements

BlueAura and Starving will be shoutcasting a scrim between Kyanite eSports and Ascended Gaming this Sunday at 7pm AEDT

Towers of Doom is now live. Click here to watch an overview of the newest map added to Heroes of the Storm

If you’re not following Blizzard ANZ on Twitter, you’re missing out on the chance to participate in their festive giveaway:

Team Disbanded are looking for an Assassin Main

Don’t forget about the ANZ Royal Rumble 3, happening 5 December. Sign ups open at 8am AEDT on the day

Disconcur is looking for local replays to shoutcast

The Black Friday sale is well and truly under way. Grab a 360 Day Stim Pack while you can!

Still don’t have Cho’gall? Watch DreamHack to unlock him

Check out the new Looking for Team feature we’ve added to ANZ Heroes

No Heroes Untapped this week. Instead, enjoy a video by brbteabreak, who has been steadily turning out great Heroes of the Storm content:

Don’t forget to follow ANZ Heroes on Facebook and Twitter

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