Weekly Wrap-up: November 20

It has been a busy week in the local scene, with event organiser Morton working overtime to get some great contests up and running for members of the Australian and New Zealand community to enjoy. Blizzard have also been busy with the latest patch hitting the Nexus earlier in the week. Read on to see if you’ve missed any news!

The ‘Best Cho’gall Duo ANZ’ tournament is happening this evening. Don’t forget to sign up!

Grubby has written a post that aims to help players understand the new scaling

Blizzard Cho’gall Q&A Summary

Let’s Rally and Support our Streamers!

(You can find some Aussie and New Zealand streamers in our Content Directory 😉 )

Could we be seeing an Artanis buff in the near future?

The APL is still scheduled to kick off on December 4, and they have tweaked the entry requirements

The ANZ Royal Rumble 3 has been announced for December 5!

Here are the weekly sale heroes, as well as those on free rotation

Team Deathmatch are still looking for a fifth player

Heroes Untapped Episode 17 is now out for your enjoyment:

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