Weekly Wrap-up: November 13

BlizzCon last weekend provided us all with an absolute tonne of news to digest, and plenty of the announcements have reinvigorated the community, which is fantastic to see. Read on to check out this week’s wrap up of what’s been happening in the Nexus both locally and internationally:

The October Hero League Rankings have been released, and Ninja has taken the time to highlight which Australian and New Zealand players made the top 200.

HappyRage has announced the Kings of ANZ tournament, happening in December

Check out the Heroes of the Storm PTR patch notes for November 11, 2015

Many people are pretty unhappy with them, notably the removal of XP contribution and the addition of kills/assists

The Global Championship Circuit has been announced for 2016. Yes, the ANZ scene will have a spot at the table!

Here is a sneak peek at what is currently in development at Blizzard HQ:

WavingPeople is trying to put together a Perth Games Festival meet up

Grumpshot is recruiting a Ranged Assassion and Warrior/Melee flex

TL;DR — What to expect from Heroes of the Storm now and in 2016

Could we see the end of Ranks 1-50 in the foreseeable future?

Babael’s post-BlizzCon thoughts and thanks will hit you right in the feels

Here is the current Weekly Sale + Free Hero Rotation with AU/NZ pricing

The latest episode of Heroes Untapped is now live:

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