Weekly Wrap Up: New Storms On The Horizon

►There is so much going on in The Nexus this week, we’ve got a new patch, a new hero, more news and reveals for Heroes 2.0 so let’s dive in and take a look!

►On Tuesday this week a new patch hit The Nexus  all the details of changes and updates can be read here.

►Something for all the Alarak fans out there! Talent update in the works for this shady Protoss.


►Cassia the Amazon Warmatron from Diablo 2 has entered The Nexus, she’s building an army and the training starts now read her character overview here.

►Results from this weeks open ladder for the ANZ HGC are in! Nomia are sitting on top but Morton’s List is trailing closely behind!

►Signed up for the Heroes 2.0 open beta yet? If you’ve noticed a few kinks along the way, don’t worry. Blizzard will be performing stress tests for a couple of hours a day throughout the open beta. You can read Community Manager, Spyrain’s post about the kind of things you can expect to run into during this time.

Mastery Taunts will be coming to Heroes 2.0. A feature missed during the initial reveal of Heroes 2.0, Blizzard explains how they work as well as why they’ve removed the Master Skins as a progression-exclusive reward.

►Also coming to Heroes 2.0 will be Loot Chests. At launch current players will receive a little thank you from blizzard in the form of five common Loot Chests. Dedicated players will also receive Veteran Loot Chests. For an overview of how the new Loot Chest system works, check out Blizzard’s post.


►In case you missed it, The HOTS dev’s did a Q&A on Reddit about 2.0 an Cassia.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 and Cassia Live Q&A! from heroesofthestorm

►Looking for some new characters to give a go? Look no further than this week’s free hero rotation.

►Call out to talented graphic designers, the regions very own team Nomia is looking for someone to help polish of their current logo!

►While you’re there take a look at the sale items for this week’s sale.

In honour of our new hero Cassia; this week I leave you with her spotlight video.

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