Weekly Wrap Up: It’s Always Calmest…

HGC Season 2 Qualifiers kicked off earlier this week seeing Normia as supreme champions of the first week with 5 straight wins. The qualifiers will go on for another 4 weeks with teams best 4 out 5 scores used as placements. You can click here to check out the team rankings so far.

►Missed out on week one? Don’t feel discouraged there’s still time to sign up for week two! Teams only need to complete a minimum of 4 out of 5 matches to qualify. Head over to Gamestah’s page here to register.

►Congratulations to , Winners the first MOC series from ANZHeroes.com! Event VODS located on twitch.tv .

►Check out heroes Esports top 5 plays from the #HGC Eastern Clash.

►A few hotfixes were implemented on Wednesday the 22nd you can view all the details here.

►Will you given in to the bloodlust? In this week’s Heroes Brawl use the powers of the Orcish horde to take down the enemy core and claim victory. Rules and Rewards can be viewed here.

►The event “For Azeroth!” has been temporarily reactivated as of march 17th. This weekend will be the last days to score in game loot for both Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. Event details along with the rewards can be found here.

►Another week means another Heroes sale, check out this week’s sale items in AUD here. You can also keep an eye out here for this week’s rotation of free heroes.

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