Weekly Wrap Up: Eye of the Storm

Much like the weather over the weekend, we had one huge event on Saturday followed by a rather quiet week on the news front. Nevertheless here’s a look at all things Heroes in this week’s Weekly Wrap Up.


► Four teams competed on Saturday but only one could take the winning position of the ANZ HGC Season 1 Championship. Congratulations to Nomia, they will be representing the region on the international stage. If you missed out on all the action, be sure to check out GLPhoenix’s recap.

► The post-event roster fallout has seen the departure of Sweet Dreams’ captain, Kotori. On Tuesday he announced via a lengthy TwitLonger post that he will no longer be competing in Heroes of the Storm. In his essay, he addresses why Sweet Dreams ‘trolled’ the ANZ HGC Season One Grand Final, how the sudden departure of Fesh affected the team and offers some parting apologies (and shade) to many well-known names in ANZ.

► Take aim, hold your breath and make every shot count in this week’s Brawl of the Week! Complete three matches to score some sweet in-game loot, you can check out all the details here.

► Two extra heroes have been added to this week’s free-to-play hero roster, which is sure to help those who are still completing the ‘For Azeroth!’ quest. In addition to this, Blizzard have also doubled how many heroes and skins are discounted during the Weekly Sale – check out this week’s sale in $AUD.

► A couple of bug fixes were released at the end of last week, you can view those here.

► Sad news for Windows XP and Vista users. Blizzard will ending the support for all their games, including Heroes of the Storm later on in the year. Once this comes into effect, games will no longer run on systems using XP or Vista. Time for an operating system upgrade, folks!

Short but sweet wrap up this week but we leave you with the latest video from BrbteabreakTV. See you next week!

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