Weekly Wrap-up: 4 December

Welcome to the first Weekly Wrap-up for December, 2015. Things are really starting to pick up as we charge towards 2016, and that means we have a tonne of local news for you to digest. Read on to catch up on anything you may have missed from the Australian and New Zealand region during the week!

Here is this week’s top news:

Morton’s ANZ Royal Rumble 3 is happening tomorrow! Tune in to http://www.twitch.tv/skimmynz from 12pm AEDT to catch what is shaping up to be the most entertaining community ran event the Australian and New Zealand scene has witnessed yet. Are you as hyped as Starving and Skimmy are?!

Presenting your Royal Rumble 3 hosts, Starving and Skimmy! [Source: Supplied]
Presenting your ANZ Royal Rumble 3 hosts, Starving and Skimmy! [Source: Supplied]
If you’re keen on entering Happyrage’s Kings of ANZ tournament, happening next Saturday, there is still time to sign up. At the time of writing this, there are currently four teams registered for the round robin tournament.

Neri had a chat with NZedamine about the upcoming relaunch of the Australasian Player League, kicking off in mid January

TULF from Keep ‘et Classy has announced a 10 week long Amateur/Semi-pro league to be hosted in conjunction with GUF LAN cafe’s around Australia

Dustin Browder Twitter Watch: Changes are coming to Artanis in the next patch, Nova is getting a talent rework in the near future, Sylvanas is being looked at, and no chance of a new specialist for a while yet.

Team Space Sharks are looking for teams interested in scrims

Ascended Gaming are recruiting a flex and an assassin

If you’re interested in joining a team, or are looking to fill spots, don’t forget to check out our looking for team page!

Kyanite eSports have posted their first ‘Rate My Stream’ episode. We’re hoping to see some Aussie and Kiwi streamers featured by them in the near future

Popular Heroes of the Storm shoutcaster, Khaldor, recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread. If you’ve ever considered shoutcasting, or are just a fan of his work, then it’s sure to be a valuable read

Here is episode 18 of Heroes Untapped, a Heroes of the Storm show tailored towards the Australian and New Zealand scene:

Good luck to everyone participating in the ANZ Royal Rumble tomorrow!

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