[VIDEO] Interview with Heroes Developers, Kent-Erik Hagman and Travis McGeathy

Disconcur recently sat down with Heroes of the Storm Lead Hero Designer, Kent-Erik Hagman, and Senior Systems Designer, Travis McGeathy, to chat about the upcoming changes to hero league and how those changes will affect the Australian and New Zealand region.

For those that are in a hurry, here is a TL;DR version of the interview:

  • Hero League revamp to launch week of June 14, which coincides with the release of Medivh
  • Change from points to divisional ranking using a similar tier system that fans of StarCraft II will find familiar
  • Promotion and demotion games will now be a part of ranking
  • New rewards available each season
  • Seasons are expected to last between 8-12 weeks
  • Matchmaking is the same system as before
  • Devs believe the size of our region will not affect the quality of teams assembled (unless it’s 4.30am and no-one else is queueing)

We can’t wait for these changes to arrive on 14 June!

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