Tutsis, Fusion Lock In Last Spots in the ANZ Season Two Final

The second ANZ Season Two Open Qualifier was held on Sunday, 01 May, where thirteen hopeful teams from the Australian and New Zealand region battled it out to decide who would be joining Negative Synergy and Linda’s Little Angels in the Season Two Final on 14 May.

The first team to secure a spot was controversially named, Tutsis. They sailed through the upper bracket, having received a first round bye, and only dropping two games to Broccoli Banditz and 13 11 14 in the entire day of play.

Taking the harder route to victory, Fusion were the second team to qualify. They convincingly won their first game for the day against Cunning Stunts 2-0, but were knocked into the lower bracket after losing to Fresher. Once in the lower bracket, they made short work of Meatworkz, Gaming Godz, 13 11 14, Broccoli Banditz, and finally the team who knocked them into the lower bracket in the first place, Fresher, to secure the final spot in the 14 May Final.

Like the first qualifier, the event was streamed live to the ANZHeroesTV Twitch channel. Casters Disconcur, HappyRage, SkimmyStarving and GLPhoenix once again brought the entertainment, and the stream peaked at over 200 viewers. However, a string of technical difficulties put a dampener on the broadcast, with reoccurring computer crashes forcing the stream offline during crucial matches.

Tutsis and Fusion will face off against ANZ Open Qualifier #1 winners, Negative Synergy and Linda’s Little Angels in an online final on 14 May. The total prize pool for the event is US$20,000 and the winner will be flown to the DreamHack Summer Championships in Jönköping, Sweden, where they represent the Australian and New Zealand region in the US$500,000 World Championship.