Tracer: When worlds collide

I’m sure many of our readers have been getting stuck into Blizzard’s latest blockbuster game Overwatch. For those who haven’t however there’s the next best thing – Tracer in the Nexus. It’s a weird concept as Tracer’s home game is a first person shooter (FPS) whereas Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). In fact if we think back, all of Blizzard’s games have allowed you to play in third person until Overwatch which has come along to shake things up. Much like Heroes of the Storm however, Overwatch is also team based and much of your success depends on your teamwork with fellow allies.

But how effective was Blizzard’s transition from FPS to a MOBA? One is a genre that distinguishes itself by putting you in the midst of all the action by seeing it through the eyes of your character, and the other lets you see all the action with your character on screen with a free-pan camera–even if you aren’t able to participate in the aforementioned action.

Blizzard was able to replicate Tracer down to every detail into the Nexus with exactly the same abilities (including Tracer’s melee attack – which is impressive). Tracer is also the first champion in HotS that can shoot while moving, allowing for some really fluid gameplay.

What I personally feel however is that when I play Tracer in HotS I lose some of the excitement I get from playing her in Overwatch. I can still use the same hit and run tactics and her play style is similar, but the excitement of outplaying someone feels diminished when I’m watching it all from a birds eye view.

There is also no play of the game highlight that you are subconsciously hoping to achieve in a match, which also falls a bit flat when you’re playing one of the most slippery and mobile characters in HotS (For those of you who haven’t yet played or watched Overwatch, a play of the game is a highlight clip from one player chosen by AI at the conclusion of a match).

It’s not all sad news however, watching Tracer mount up on the horses or billy goat brings a smile to my face every time. Why did you pick such a goofy pose Blizzard?! As well as seeing how she interacts with heroes from other universes other than Overwatch.

Tracer in HotS | Heroes of the Storm ANZ
“Is that a frog in a bubble?”

Trying to outduel a Raynor, chasing down a Li-Ming trying to teleport to safety, blowing up an entire team caught by ETC with your pulse bomb and other such situations make for a breath of fresh air with Tracer’s gameplay out of Overwatch.

Augmenting talents by levelling up also allows for different ways to build Tracer and unlock different play styles which is another huge positive, if anyone has versed a Super Smash Bros melee Tracer constantly boinking you in game or come across a Locked and Loaded reload master mowing you down.

I’m interested to hear what the ANZ community thinks. Do you feel as though playing Tracer in HotS is more enjoyable as you have top down map awareness? Do you feel as though you can’t really tell the difference? Or do you feel like I do and that Overwatch enables you to really immerse yourself with Tracer better and allow you to have more fun and really feel rewarded when you do make big plays when you’re seeing the action through Tracer’s eyes? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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