TL;DR — What to Expect from Heroes of the Storm Now and in 2016

Lots of announcements, changes and updates for Heroes of the Storm came out of BlizzCon, but not everyone has the time or inclination to sit down and watch or read full reviews. If you are looking for a simple breakdown of what’s to come in Heroes of the Storm, here is a simple list of what to expect and roughly when it is expected to come into effect:

What to expect before the end of 2015

  • Weekly Free Hero Rotation increased from 7 – 10 choices
  • Talent gating removed
  • Uther Changes
    • Divine Shield – Cooddown increased from 70 to 90 seconds.
    • Eternal devotion trait – Ghost time decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
  • New Hero: Cho’gall
  • New Stat scaling and increased death timers for lower levels
  • New Matchmaking system (This is their intention, not a promise)

What is coming in 2016

  • Improving MMR accuracy
  • Mirror team comps in Quick-match
  • Better system for determining team MMR
  • Using player performance to adjust MMR
  • Per Hero adjustment to MMR
  • Changes to ranked play
    • Decreasing harsh-ness from losing
    • Not enough transparency on how MMR is earned and lost
    • Rank being reset again
    • Still in development, more news later
  • Death / Recap screen
    • Shows last 10 things that happens to you before dying. Includes heals and damaged received
  • Bans
    • Bringing the current competitive bans system you see at Blizzard touraments into the game client for Hero and Team League
  • Grand-master Rank being worked on
  • New Heroes: Greymane and Lunara (plus more)
  • Quality of life changes for Heroes: Gazlowe, Nova and Tychus
  • New Map: Towers of Doom
  • New Game mode: The Arena

For a more detailed analysis of these upcoming changes, tune into Heroes Untapped this Wednesday at 9am AEDT.


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