The Boys are Reborn

Reborn previously called “The Boys”, brought their A-game on week 1 of the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers and were the first team to secure their spot to the Finals in Sydney. I caught up with Reborn to ask them a few questions about their qualifiers win, how it felt to play under pressure, what the teams strengths were and if they felt they could have played even better on the day as well as if they are feeling confident to take out the Finals in Sydney.

What was participating in the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers like?

It’s always fun to participate in tournaments. Everyone is trying their best on the day and all the scrim sand bagging and hero league tilting goes away for a while. – Robadobah

How does it feel knowing that competing on a global level at Blizzcon could be a very real possibility soon?

The goal has always been to prove ourselves at the international level – something that we failed miserably at in the Summer Championship. It reflected very poorly on us as individual players and as a team. I won’t be satisfied until we redeem ourselves and put in a performance that we can be proud of at an international LAN. Winning the ANZ region is an important stepping stone but it is not something that I will be happy with as an end goal. – Robadobah

You’re regarded as one of the favourite teams currently in the ANZ region. Did you feel any extra pressure leading into the qualifiers?

There was some extra pressure for the first qualifier in that only one team could get through per week and we really didn’t want to fail the first time and stress throughout the following week. There was also the prophesised meme match up of ex-NS vs new NS that we really did not want to lose for obvious reasons. Ultimately though, all of us are used to playing with the burden of expectation so it was fine. I think that the cut throat nature of these qualifiers also made them a lot more fun to play in. – Robadobah

How do you feel about the meta right now?

The Australian meta is usually diverse in the fact that each team has a different style or type of composition that they feel comfortable playing. We like to innovate and test new picks and look towards what other regions are doing and see what’s worth adapting to.

However, the meta as a whole right now is a predictable and safe meta where teams look to play reliable heroes rather than picking the more high skill cap ones like Kharazim and Sonya as an example.

Because of this we feel that the meta is a bit stale right now and we’re looking forward to the new patch that will definitely start testing individual hero pools and comfort compositions. – Arcaner

You guys have been enjoying great success as a team heading into the qualifiers; what do you attribute that to?

Experience and expectations. The experience of the team winning previous regional championships and then playing against international teams lets us go into these sort of opening events with a lot of confidence

Because of this track record we also have the expectation of not only winning the first qualifier but doing it convincingly to the point where we don’t worry about an upset. – Arcaner

What are your biggest strengths as a team?

We have stronger individual players than other teams. All of us are capable of attaining the highest MMR in the region and we are flexible enough to play a wide variety of heroes and styles. We trust each other enough to draft compositions that work rather than revolving the draft around one person trying to carry with their comfort heroes. – Robadobah

Do you see any ways you guys could have improved on your performance?

Retrospectively it’s easy to say you can always do more. Looking at Sydney I think the best way to improve on our performance in the qualifier is to ensure we have the strategies and preparation to start out strong in game 1 and snowball from there.  – Arcaner

Think the team has what it takes to be able to win the Finals coming up in Sydney?

Yeah boi – Benjamin “Benjamin94” Vinante-Davies


So there we have it, the Reborn boys are back in town and they are hungry to prove themselves at the Sydney Finals and go all the way. Shout out of thanks to robadobah for taking the time to gather the team and answer all of these questions. Tune in this Saturday(16TH September), 11am AEST, on to watch Reborn take on Negative Synergy to decide who will be representing our region at Blizzcon 2016.  


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  • The Boys are stacked at least according to GM rankings. So pretty excited to see how they go. Getting to play with some of them over the years, they are a cool bunch, so will be cheering for em.