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Year in Review: Southeast Asia

This post is part two of our four part series that takes a look at how competitive Heroes of the Storm in each region has fared in 2017. Part one on Latin America can be found here.

Following the conclusion of Phase One, Blizzard announced changes to region locks for professional players. This allowed players from minor regions to move without restriction and paved the way for two of the biggest shifts in Southeast Asia to occur. Prior to BlizzCon 2017, the Singaporeans from Deadly Kittens, Mirr and Zeys left to join Soul Torturers in Taiwan. Losing these two core members, Deadly Kittens found their replacements in Jinwoo and Confidence, allowing them to secure victory in their regional BlizzCon qualifiers.

This new team was short lived, and upon the conclusion of BlizzCon 2017, Deadly Kittens revealed they would be disbanding. This announcement was made as we learnt the remaining core team of Stronger, Enavir and nsj from the Philippines had been picked up by Psistorm Gaming and, in 2018, would be playing in the North American Open Division. With the SEA player-base already struggling, this has shaken the faith of many regarding the scene’s competitive viability going into the future.

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