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HGC ANZ Preseason Day 4: Finale

Finally, the time had come to determine exactly who qualifies for the ANZ HGC Premier League of 2018. With GG Go Next and Rich Gang having already qualified, the question came down to four closely matching teams taking only three places: Downfall, Nekomimi, QM Warriors and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

For Downfall, Nekomimi and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the challenge seemed relatively easy. For QM Warriors, most of their success at this point relied on the failure of others. Outlaw player Coffee made some excellent analysis leading into the evening determining just how each team could qualify after the night’s proceedings, and the odds were absolutely stacked against QM. However, in a night of surprises, the Warriors managed to qualify, and it was actually the single most qualified and experienced team of the preseason who ended up eliminated from the Premier League: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This night, unlike Days 1 to 3, was split into just three rounds. Amongst all the games played, though, there were only three that affected qualification- and two of those were broadcast. The final game of the night ended up between two undefeated teams, to determine who was truly the champion of preseason.

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HGC ANZ Preseason Day 3: Explode

With a lead-in of multiple controversial roster changes, the third day of the HGC ANZ Preseason was definitely one people were keeping their eyes on, and it turned out to be the perfect time to do so, with some amazing drafts and startling late-game comebacks that will be instrumental in determining the final order of teams at the conclusion of Week 4.

With No Tilt now confirmed to be out of the running, the list of teams has come down to 14. Additionally, there were multiple of the mid to low-ranked teams in the standings that didn’t show, and were instantly disqualified from the night’s proceedings: Team Celery, Alternative and Salty Dogz Remastered.

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HGC ANZ Preseason Day 2: Taking Shape

As the second night of the ANZ pre-season qualifiers comes to a close on Tuesday 30 January, we now look at how the standings are starting to take shape. This series of articles will be focusing on the results of each night on a round-by-round basis, with a slightly greater focus on matchups that were streamed to the Blizzard_ANZ Twitch channel.

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WWU: Let the Games Begin

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-up for Friday 26 January. It’s a good thing we have a long weekend over here in Australia, because this week was absolutely massive! We have results from week one of HGC ANZ Premier League Preseason Qualifier, big news from overseas and a bunch of community content for you to take a look at, so let’s dive on in.

Read on to catch up on any news you may have missed this week:

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HGC ANZ Preseason Day 1: Hunters and Wolves

With this Tuesday evening, the HGC ANZ Pre-Season began, throwing 15 teams of players into a round-robin gauntlet of Best-of-1 games, to determine which five teams will join Nomia, Crimson and Outlaws in the brand new HGC ANZ Premier League. This series of articles will be focusing on the results of each night on a round-by-round basis, with a slightly greater focus on matchups that were streamed to the Blizzard_ANZ Twitch channel.

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