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HotS Champ Splash

Free-to-Play Heroes Event Ending Soon

Cold snap of Winter down in the Southern Hemisphere making going out a chore? Looking for a good excuse to stay indoors? Rug up and play some Heroes of the Storm with your friends instead over the next few days. Blizzard has announced that from June 24 (PDT) up to June 28, every hero will be […]

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The Climb to Grand Master

The new ranked season has only been out for a few days now and already one member of the Australian and New Zealand Community has managed to shoot for the stars and make it to the rank of Grand Master 20. Howard “Nuyomi” Li was kind enough to answer a few questions about this spectacular achievement […]

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Heroes of the Storm Balance patch notees

Feb 10 Balance Changes Summary

This opinions mentioned in this article were sent into us by a member of the ANZ community. Earlier this week Blizzard deployed a new balance patch, and in the lead up to it going live, there was much speculation that newcomer Li-Ming and ‘OP’ Reghar would get hit with the nerf bat. Interestingly enough Li-Ming escaped persecution and Rehgar only […]

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