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Weekly Wrap Up: New Storms On The Horizon

►There is so much going on in The Nexus this week, we’ve got a new patch, a new hero, more news and reveals for Heroes 2.0 so let’s dive in and take a look! ►On Tuesday this week a new patch hit The Nexus  all the details of changes and updates can be read here. […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: Storms Rumble The Nexus

Some exciting news is coming to Nexus! With the announcement of Heroes 2.0 we’re looking at some pretty major changes to the game. Let’s delve into this week’s Wrap Up and check out the details. ►March 28th saw another Balance update affecting a few heroes. You can view all the details here. ►March 29th Blizzard […]

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Does Armor Go Against Blizzard’s Design Philosophy?

This collection of thoughts on armour has been sent in to us by ex Negative Syngery player, Laharal. Armor is a new stat that was added to Heroes of the Storm as part of last week’s Zul’jin patch. I like the idea of Armor and Magic Armor being implemented into the game more as long as it’s […]

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‘Diablo v. StarCraft’ Community Night Happening 27 May

The ANZHeroes Community Night returns on Friday, 27 May from 7pm AEST with a new, exciting theme for players to enjoy. This week it’s a battle of the game franchises when characters from Diablo and StarCraft go head-to-head. The structure for this event is as follows: Players may only select from characters that are listed as […]

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Heroes of the Storm Balance patch notees

Feb 10 Balance Changes Summary

This opinions mentioned in this article were sent into us by a member of the ANZ community. Earlier this week Blizzard deployed a new balance patch, and in the lead up to it going live, there was much speculation that newcomer Li-Ming and ‘OP’ Reghar would get hit with the nerf bat. Interestingly enough Li-Ming escaped persecution and Rehgar only […]

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Weekly Sale + Free Hero Rotation: November 03 – 10

Looking to add to your hero pool but don’t want to pay full price? Below is a list of heroes and skins that are on sale in the store from 3 November until 10 November, 2015 (PDT). $AUD prices were correct in the store as of 3 November. $NZD prices were converted using themoneyconverter.com Kael’thas — […]

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