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WWU: Blazing Trails Across the Nexus

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-up for Friday, 12 January 2018. It may not be a massive round up of links this week, but it certainly packs a punch!

Read on to see what you may have missed this week:

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Weekly Wrap-up — October 16

While the news section on the official Heroes of the Storm website may have been slow,¬†we still have a lot of¬†information to share with you. Read on for our wrap-up of all the news and happenings you may have missed this week, including links from around the web. In case you missed it, here is […]

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Weekly Wrap-up — October 2

While ANZ Heroes may have been relatively quiet this week thanks to sick children IRL, there has been plenty of stuff going on both locally and around the world in Heroes of the Storm. Here is a wrap up on the news and happenings that you may have missed out on this week, including links […]

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