Reborn win AU/NZ Championship

In a long over due post we celebrate the success of the “Reborn” in claiming victory the #HGC AU/NZ championships held at the ESL Studios in Sydney. They managed to defeat rival team Negative Synergy in a thrilling but very dominating 4-2 series.

It was a day of stories with ex-team mates coming head to head with not only the Reborn Roster being mostly made up of old Negative Synergy members but even older teammates Arcaner and Demise (back from Apex, 2015) being placed on opposite sides of the battle. Would Negative Synergy be able to continue its name dominance and brand in our region to again represent us at Worlds at Blizzcon or would Reborn prove their existence and choices.

Negative Synergy showed a very promising first match winning the first point on the Battleground Dragon Shire. It was a very different play style coming from the Negative Synergy who are normally very aggressive. However the next 3 matches showed Reborn showing their dominance in the drafting, mid and late games scoring themselves three straight victories. During the 5th game Reborn saw a opportunity to end the game early pushing into Negative Synergy base and dropping the core to %1. However a slight miscalculation and strong spawning defense from Negative Synergy saw them not only defend their core but also manage to completely wipe Reborn and in turn push the Reborn Core to 0 health. Not being tilted by huge reversal Reborn came back into the next game with all cylinders firing and show their dominance again to win out the series and become the Season 3 AU/NZ champions.

There were several highlights of the day, one being the %1 core reversal as mentioned above but the point of high note are the drafting choices coming out of Reborn showcasing the first streamed appearance of Tracer in a AU/NZ competitive event. New member of Reborn, Arcaner, Convinced his teammates with strong reluctance to pick and let him play the hero however their fears were put to rest. The following game saw Reborn control the flow of the game and team fights as Arcaner was punishing the back line of Negative Synergy removing any momentum during the team fights.

A shout out goes to Ninja as well, the ranged assassin player from Reborn. During the series we would see him take the role of Medivh and display his flexibility as a player. Several times saving his team from doom with well timed portals and Force of Wills (Protection Shield).

The next stop for Reborn is now Blizzcon to face off against other champion teams form around the world. The future of AU/NZ Hots now sits and waits for more details about next years leagues and how Australia will play a part in it. Enjoy some of the photos taken by Disconcur of the event.

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