Override and Micro Gods Through to ANZ Regional Championships

The second ANZ Open Qualifier was held earlier today, and after a full day of Heroes of the Storm action, Override and Micro Gods have emerged as the two teams who will be joining Negative Synergy and Fresh in the US$20,000 ANZ Regional Finals to be held on 28 February 2016.

Sixteen teams signed up for the second open qualifier and over 200 people tuned in to see who will be joining Fresh and Negative Synergy in the Heroes Spring Championship ANZ Finals. The tournament went for over nine hours, and in that time the audience were treated to many great examples of what our region is capable of.

Override were the first team to qualify for the finals, after they outplayed LamingtonSophisticatedT-Party, Kyanite eSports,  Micro God and Cynical Strategy to make it into the grand final round undefeated.

Micro Gods had a hard slog ahead of them to get into the Grand Final. After a strong start to their day defeating Socks up and Fire For Face, they were knocked into the lower bracket by Override where they made short work of Disbanded and Kyanite eSports. It was their final Towers of Doom match in the lower bracket that really got people talking when they reduced the health of the enemy’s core from 28 to zero in just 15 seconds to knock Cynical Strategy out of the tournament and claim the fourth seed for themselves.

The grand final itself was a fairly standard affair. Override started the match with a one point advantage, but a controversial choice of Li Li may have had a part in Micro God closing the gap. In the end, Micro God proved to be too strong and they emerged the overall event victor and were rewarded second seed in the Championship finals for their efforts.

After the tournament’s conclusion, key organiser and caster for both events, HappyRage, posted a statement on the Au/NZ General Discussion forums where he had nothing but praise for everyone involved:

First of all Congrats to Micro Gods and Override in joining Negative Synergy and Fresh in the Finals for the Top 4 of our region. Well deserved, Some epic comebacks and strong mentality shown of the day.

Thanks to the 100+ players who participated in the Qualifiers. It really shows how everyone and anyone is welcome to participate in events in our region. If you’re new, casual or a veteran. It was a great turn out and I hope to see you all in future events.

Thanks to Disconcur (anzheroes.com) for hosting the stream and Starving/Skimmy for their casting performances. Taking the time to do this 2 weekends in a row is not an easy ask and yous accepted with no hesitation. Over 18 hours of casting took place, great effort from start to finish.

Thanks to ANZ Blizzard and ESL for allowing me to organise and host the Qualifiers. ESL for providing the platform and admin work. Everything ran smoothly thanks to your efforts. Also a Quick thanks to ANZ Blizzard for providing the Skin/Mount codes given away to our awesome viewers.

Thanks to all the viewers, whether you only watched a few matches or watched the entire thing or watching the vods at a later date. It greatly appreciated having the chat interactions, feedback and more. Twitch chat was awesome as always and I hope those of you who won, enjoyed your prizes.

Lastly thanks to everyone in our region. ANZ, We might be small but we are passionate. I hope you all enjoyed the qualifiers for Season 1. As now I hand it off to ESL for the finals.

xoxo – HappyRage

The Heroes Spring Championship ANZ Finals is an online tournament that is scheduled to take on 28 February from 10 am AEDT onwards.

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