‘Order v Chaos’ Community Night Happening 13 May

The ANZHeroes Community Night returns on Friday, 13 May from 7pm AEST with a new, exciting theme for players to enjoy. This week it’s all about keeping balance, as Order and Chaos battle it out to see who will emerge the champion!

The structure for this event is as follows:

  • Players may only select from characters that are listed as on their “side” (Order or Chaos).
  • For balance reasons, all support roles will be considered mercenaries.
  • Map selection will be random.
  • Each team will play one custom match and move on to play the next team of the opposing faction in a loose round robin format (Depending on numbers).

Character list:

Character list may be subject to change
Character list may be subject to change

To sign up for this event, simply click here and complete the form.

Don’t forget to jump onto the discord server on the night to sort out your team. You don’t need a mic but it definitely helps 🙂

Please let us know via Twitter or Facebook if you’re streaming the event, as we would love to help promote you!



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