Onyx eSports Announce Big Changes

The founder of Onyx eSports, Grumpshot, last week announced his intentions to take the team and organisation to the next level.

The team was created last year with the aim of bringing average players together and work to improve as a team. The experiment has so far been very promising, with Grumpshot mentioning that he has been blown away by not only the commitment of the players on the team, but also by the support they have received  from other organisations and teams in the region.

In a forum post on the Aus/NZ General Discussion forums, Grumpshot announced what he has in store for Onyx eSports over the next six months:

‘I want to achieve two goals over the next six months.

1. Having Onyx eSports a consistent top four team in ANZ – This means our current team will be restructured replacing two members who will move to a different part of the organisation. This opens up two spots for some very strong players who want to part of our number one team and help achieve this goal.

2.To create the bridge for the casual player to become a better competitive player – We will be forming a guild where anyone at any skill level is welcome to join with a few rules/guidelines to follow. Within the guild various teams will form but making sure we have a high level of flexibility for players depending on their skill level and time they want to commit.’ — Grumpshot.

Heroes of the Storm has always lacked a method for teaching newer players the finer details / points of the games. The move by Onyx eSports to create a guild environment with the purpose of filling this need is interesting, but we will have to wait to see how this is going to work as there was no real information released about it.

Onyx eSports have a tough time ahead of them as they try to push for their goal of top four within the ANZ region. However, the team has shown themselves to be resilient and committed to their goals, which is a must for any group looking to thrive in a competitive environment.

Interested in joining Onyx eSports either as a player or supporter? Contact Grumpshot#1117 in the Battle.net client

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