[NA] Blizzard announce Heroes of the Dorm Heroic Four location

Blizzard have officially announced its Heroic Four finals location this year for Heroes of the Dorm at the prestigious Cox Pavillion in Las Vegas on the 8th of April. For the last 2 months college teams have been duking it out for their shot at being a part of the top 64 bracket starting March 18th. It has been a grueling process with multiple teams vying for top spot in their respective regions, through the group stages and this weekend the world found out the top 64 bracket with details pertaining to dates and locations for the finals.

The top 64 teams will now face off between the 18th-26th of March bringing the top four teams that make it through to the Heroic Four competition produced live in Las Vegas on the 8th of April. So far the competition has tried something new this year, solely streaming the competition on Facebook Live against the wishes of begrudging fans. This decision has seemed to stick despite rather lack luster view counts compared to previous years as, if you’re not lucky enough to attend, your only viewing option is through Facebook.

Another facet Blizzard adjusted has been the rule change on professional involvement in the competition. Unlike previous years professional players are no longer permitted to enter the competition despite their collegiate status. This has been a welcome change to the rules bringing viewers a much more competitive experience as it yields a more even skill level.

One thing that hasn’t changed this year is the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge, which returns with wonderfully themed prizes. The Bracket Challenge is a fantastic sports-esque competition for those of us at home to predict bracket outcomes prior to the commencement of the round of 64. The prize this year for first place is $10,000 USD with the following 500 runners up receiving an aptly themed Cheerleader Kerrigan Bundle, plus all participants in the Bracket Challenge receive a unique in game Portrait.


Although watching the pre round of 64 has been a pain to deal with having Facebook’s terrible video player causing multiple cut outs and freezes, Blizzard have yet again brought back the necessity to watch. Enticing viewers with prizes for involvement in the Bracket Challenge, changing up the rules to bring the competition to more even grounds, and stepping up production to bring on a more entertaining competition they have redeemed themselves. I, like many others, will spend the next few days painstakingly putting together my bracket to then cheer on my favourite teams and see how I stack up against the rest of the Heroes community in predictions.

Would you like to see an Australian version of Heroes of the Dorm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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