Machines of War arriving next week

The Machines of War have started revving themselves up! Blizzard announced at Gamescom 2016 the next wave of content coming to Heroes of the Storm in the form of New Skins, Heroes and Maps!

Making this announcement even more special was the reveal that most of it would be StarCraft themed (Sneaky new Overwatch character getting in there), something the community has been looking forward to since the Diablo themed content released earlier this year.

A tweet was sent out today by the @Blizzheroes twitter to remind players and start the hype train.

If you missed their announcement you can watch the in Development video below to get a look at the new content. If you want to check out the new battlegrounds you will have to watch a different video over on the Blizzheroes youtube channel.


September 13th (or week of at least) sees the first wave of content coming out with new hero Alarak and his accompanying map (We guess Braxis Holdout).

For even more details check out Blizzard Blog Post on the content.

Tell us what you think about the next content coming to Heroes of the Storm?

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