Lt. Morales Spotlight + PTR Patch Notes Released

If you are following Heroes of the Storm on YouTube, you may have noticed that they have released a new Spotlight video that gives us a good look at Lt. Morales, the next Support class being added to the game’s roster. In the video, Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson shows off just what she is capable of, including an incredible ultimate that could really shake up the scene, as well as the abilities that give her a great solo healing tool set.

In addition to this video, Blizzard have also released patch notes for the upcoming PTR deployment that is estimated to be available on September 28. In addition to some quality of life tweaks, there are several key changes to heroes such as Chen, Tyrande and more; as well as changes to Battlefield of Eternity, Garden of Terror, Infernal Shrines and Sky Temple.

There is a lot to digest, so check out the patch notes over on the official Blizzard website and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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