King of the Hill Event Rules

Here are the rules that will be in effect for the King of the Hill tournament:


  • The event is scheduled to take place at 8pm AEST on the following dates:
    • Thursday, 21 July
    • Thursday, 28th July
    • Thursday, 04 August
  • The Challenger List will be generated Monday Nights and published to ANZ Heroes on Tuesday mornings
  • The first King of the series will be selected by ANZ Heroes
  • The initial ordering of the Challenger List will be determined randomly
  • Teams who sign up after the Challenger List will be added to the bottom of the list
  • Three challenger teams will be play each week. We ask that teams not scheduled to play that evening be available in case of late withdrawals. These teams will be the next in line on the Challenger List.
  • The Challenger List will carry over from week to week but changes may occur to it due to several issues
  • If a team is unable to make it one event night they will be moved to the bottom of the challenger list
  • In the event of a King not showing up, they will be moved to the bottom of the list and the title of King will be reassigned to the next challenger team next on the list
  • Teams must check in 30 mins before their scheduled match. If they fail to check in they will be moved to the bottom of the list and the team next in line will be granted the right to challenge the King.
  • Teams acknowledge that, due to the limited places available in this format, they may not get a chance to challenge the King.


  • All matches will be a best of one series, with the Challenger having map choice and the King getting first ban and first hero pick
  • Drafting will be done via and will be double bans.
  • If the Heroesdraft process is not working please contact the opposing team’s Captain ASAP. The draft can be reset if both Captains agree
  • The event admin will create the drafting link and provide it to both teams
  • The game may be paused for disconnects or lag. Captains must communicate why there has been a pause if requested by the other team. The game will continue after five minutes have passed, regardless of whether or not the issue has been resolved.
  • A team may only pause the game twice per a match and no more, even upon request
  • Teams may swap players in and out from their signed up team roster, but only between matches


  • All players must be located in Australia or New Zealand
  • One member of the team must be designated the team captain
  • Teams must register between 5 – 7 players
  • Players are only allowed to be signed up to one team at a time
  • Team names must not include profanities, be disrespectful or outright rude. You will be contacted and asked to change your name.
  • Once knocked out of the event, the team/players may re-sign up, but will be added to the bottom of the Challenger List.
  • Teams are available to change their rosters if needed, but they must give at least 12 hours notice prior to the start of the Thursday Night event, as long as the change adheres to the team rules listed above.
  • Only roster changes requested by the Team Captain will be accepted
  • Your team will be moved to the bottom of the list if you cannot field a team from your registered roster


  • All Heroes will be available to play in this event (Yes, that means Gul’dan)
  • If any Heroes are found to have a game changing bug they will be auto-banned
  • For bugs discovered during the event, the Hero will be auto-banned from that point onwards.

Spectators/Streaming/Content Creation

  • All games in this series will be streamed to
  • Only the admins and official casters of the event may spectate games
  • Players may live stream their own games of them/their team playing if they wish
  • VODs of the match will be made available and we encourage content creators to utilise them. A link back to is appreciated, but not required


  • During the event bad mannered/toxic behaviour against players/teams/admins will not be tolerated. This includes in-game chat, general chat and stream chat
  • The event admins will decide if something is toxic or not
  • The Captains of the team will be contacted and asked to explain what has happened
  • While an offence might occur from a player, it is the team which will receive the warning. Each team has a single warning, after that the entire team will be disqualified from the event
  • Inappropriate behaviour must be reported to an event admin, who will then follow up on it


  • Prize money will be paid out within 30 days of the event as a whole finishing
  • Payment will be made via PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit, depending on the Team Captain’s preference
  • The full amount will be sent to Team Captains and it is up to them to pass the money along to their corresponding team mates


The event is scheduled to take place on the 21st and 28th of July and the 4th of August. Starting at 8.00pm AEST.
The following is a rough schedule of play. Event starts at 8pm AEST:

Round 1: 8.00 pm
Round 2: 8.40 pm
Round 3: 9.20 pm

Teams will be expected to play their games as they become available.