January Hero League Leaderboard Results

The results from last month Rank One Hero League games are in and we see Benjamin94 taking top spot in the Australian/New Zealand region. Not only that, but he has also moved up in the NA rank by 15 spots to reach position 12 overall.

While Robadobah had a slight fall in the previous months, January saw him jump by +34 spots on the NA ladder, putting him in rank two for our region and sitting at rank 19 overall.

[ultimatetables 1 /]

Are we possibility going to see two oceanic players hit the top 10 next month? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Rob Kingi

    WP Ben94, lay that beatdown. Expecting Roba & Ben to take 1 & 2 soon ^_^.

  • Dylan Hogan

    Roba with 2 accounts in the top 200 Kappa

    • Rob Kingi

      Such Troll, much bam.