Negative Synergy – Interview

Negative Synergy is a team that has already made a name for itself with its ex-members as well as its current members showcasing quality player talent in the ANZ region. Negative Synergy played as a strong team presenting a huge threat both weeks of the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers and were the second team to secure their spot to the Finals in Sydney. I caught up with Negative Synergy to ask them a few questions about their win, their thoughts about the current meta and if they feel confident to take out the Finals and secure that greatly desired ticket to Blizzcon.

What was it like to participate in the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers?

It was a great experience for our newly formed roster. We weren’t mad that we didn’t qualify first round, it just meant we had more to improve on. The second qualifier enabled us to have some extra practice in a tournament setting as a team together, so overall we couldn’t really complain. – DeMiSe
How do you feel now knowing you’ve secured your place in the finals and could now potentially be going to Blizzcon to compete on a global scale?

A secured spot is always reassuring and the thought of Blizzcon puts shivers on your spine. Versing the top teams of the world would be a ‘hots’ dream of any player. – DeMiSe

Being a known and established team already in the ANZ region, was there added pressure leading into the qualifiers as a favourite team?

Leading into the qualifiers, we knew carrying the brand of Negative Synergy would be a big ask due to the prior success they’ve had all throughout this year. However, this being said, we felt no added pressure leading into the qualifiers. – DeMiSe

How do you feel about the state of the meta right now?

Europe plays one thing, America plays another, Korea plays similar to NA but different still. Everything is in shambles and no region as a clear concise ‘best meta’. ANZ adopts aspects from each region so it’ll be interesting to see what happens come Sydney. – DeMiSe

You guys have had a strong run as a team heading into the qualifiers; what do you attribute that to?

Working as a team not only in game while playing but through our ability to trust our teammates in what they are doing individually throughout the match was the biggest factor for us. – DeMiSe

What do you think your team’s strengths are? Why is this?

Ability to trust teammates and positive communications. You can’t expect to come back from a deficit if you have a defeated mindset. We ensure we maintain positive throughout the match, even in the grimmest of situations. – DeMiSe

Are you confident you’ll be able to win the Finals coming up in Sydney?

 Without a doubt. – DeMiSe

Team Negative Synergy has risen from the ashes and shown us all they are serious contenders, with the prize set firmly in their sights. A big thank you to DeMiSe for taking the time to answer these questions.Tune in this Saturday(16TH September), 11am AEST, on to watch Reborn take on Negative Synergy to decide who will be representing our region at Blizzcon 2016.  

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