HGC ANZ Season 1 Championship Recap

The Season 1 ANZ championships for the HGC were held over the weekend. Region shoutcaster and writer GLPhoenix brings you a summary of the season 1 championship.

Coming into the HGC ANZ Season 1 Finals, the four teams vying for the top spot in the region were Nomia, Sweet Dreams, Plantronics Nv, and Sassu. Over the past month of qualifiers, these teams have proven that they are the best Heroes of the Storm teams in the region and deserve the chance to fight for the glory, and for the chance to represent the region at the Western Clash.

Members of Nomia get caught by ETC while rotating to mid lane.
Members of Nomia get caught by ETC while rotating to mid lane.

The first series of the day had the number one seeded Nomia going up against Sassu. Nomia was able to walk away from the Gamestah qualifiers as the overall victors, only dropping a single game over the four weeks of play, whereas Sassu needed to fight their way through the ANZ Heroes qualifier to make their way to the finals.

Despite any apparent difference in skill and experience between the teams, game one on Dragon Shire, for about the first 10-15 minutes, was quite close and competitive. Nomia however, looked like they were only getting started, kicking the pace of the game into high gear and Sassu just couldn’t keep up. Nomia would take game one, and rolling through with that momentum, took game two in overwhelmingly dominant fashion and knocking Sassu down into the lower bracket.

As the first series came to a close, the stream was able to jump into the Sweet Dreams vs Nv series which was running alongside the other. As we tuned into the series, it was 1-1 and moving onto a game three, to be played on Sky Temple. The play shown from both sides showed just how the series had been drawn to such lengths, going back and forward, with Nv trying to make the most of their dual global heroes of Dehaka and Falstad.

Mistakes started to stack up for Nv, making a few macro decisions which allowed Sweet Dreams to gain a significant experience advantage, and it looked as though Sweet Dreams would be able to play the map out and take the series. It was an unlikely fight around the boss in which several members of Sweet Dreams ended up dying to the boss, as well as Nv stealing away the objective which helped them back into the match. From there Nv was in full control, and was able to take the game and the series to keep their upper bracket hopes alive.

NV vs sweet dreams

NV steal the boss away from Sweet Dreams

The matchup between Nomia and Nv in the upper bracket final, on paper would appear to have Nomia as the favorite, but with how Nv continually able to get results to go their way somehow, anything is possible. Nv proved to the scene that they came to the finals to be a serious contender, pushing Nomia to their absolute limit, but Nomia’s superior coordination and experience was a bit too much in the end and they took the hard fought series 2-0.

With Nomia now waiting in the Grand Final, they could sit back and see which team would survive the lower bracket to face them. The first of the lower bracket series was played off stream alongside the upper bracket, in which Sweet Dreams dispatched Sassu 2-0, and booked a rematch with Nv in the lower bracket final.

After how their last outing ended, it seemed that Sweet Dreams came into the lower final out for blood. Not holding anything back, and not leaving anything to chance, Sweet Dreams got their revenge by winning the series 2-0, and locked in a Grand Final appearance.

Nomia stamped their authority over the final series and the entire ANZ scene, taking it 3-0. In the first two games, it seemed as though Sweet Dreams threw everything they could at Nomia, but it wasn’t enough, so in what ended up being the final game of the tournament, they put together a wild composition as a last ditch effort. In the end it did not work, and yet again Fat94, Robadobah, and Arcaner will be representing the region on the international stage. 

Full sweep for Nomia, winning 3-0 in the grand final

Do you think Nomia will do well at the western clash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Here is a link to the VODs if you want to watch the action for yourself on the Blizzard_ANZ Twitch boardcasts page.

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