‘Hail to the King’ Community Night happening Friday 10 June

The ANZHeroes Community Night returns on Friday, 10 June from 7pm AEST with a new, exciting theme for players to enjoy. This week we’ll be trying something a little different with our newest theme, ‘Hail to the King.’

The structure for this event is as follows:

  • Each team will select one player who will be the ‘King’
  • The King must pick one of the following characters: King Leoric, Kael’thas, Muradin, Anub’arak, Arthas or Sylvanas
  • Only one King character may be selected per team
  • Games will be played on the Lost Caverns map
  • A team will be declared the winner once they destroy the enemy core OR if they kill the opposing team’s King

This event is open for anyone who plays in the Australian and New Zealand region to participate in! Giveaways will be happening on the night thanks to ANZ Heroes.

Can’t get on at 7pm? Don’t worry! There will be no sign ups for this event. Just jump into the discord server or the join the ANZCN channel in-game and let us know you’re ready for action.

See you on Friday!

Please let us know via Twitter or Facebook if you’re streaming the event, as we would love to help promote you!