Gust in 5 Announce Significant Changes to their Roster

In a move that signals that the team is preparing to take things to the next level, Gust in 5 today announced via press release significant changes to their roster and team structure

Gust in 5 (G5) would like to formally announce several changes to our team and additions of two new members, a substitute and coach.

Daryl ‘Kruvin’ Miller and Chris ‘Enaigon’ Joss will no longer be a part of the lineup for G5. We would like to sincerely thank them for their hard work and positive attitude during their time on the team. They would be wonderful additions to any ANZ Heroes of the Storm team who are looking for high calibre players.

PentaUnleash and Luminum, formerly of team ‘Tutsis’, are merging together with Arcaner, John and kva to form the new roster of G5. We believe this lineup is capable of consistently challenging for top two finishes in the region.

We would also like to welcome Skimmy (coach) and Morton (substitute) to the team. Their assistance and insight will be invaluable in the development and progression of the new core roster.

Gust in 5 Core Lineup:
Arcaner: Flex – @ArcanerHots
John: Ranged Assassin – @johno_hots
kva: Melee Assassin – @kva_hots
Luminum: Support – @Luminumn
PentaUnleash: Warrior – @penta_hots

Morton: Substitute – @mortondshort
Skimmy: Coach – @x5_skimmy

We are looking forward to the future and would like to thank everyone for the support,

Gust in 5 placed third in the Australian and New Zealand Season Two championship that was held at the weekend.

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