Gul’dan Spotlight + PTR Patch notes Released

If you are following Heroes of the Storm on YouTube, you may have noticed that they have released a new Spotlight video giving us a look at Gul’dan, the Next ranged sustained damage assassin being added to the Heroes roster. Making Gul’dan unique is his ability or should I say inability to regenerate mana naturally and as such he relies on his trait to give him mana in the field (at the cost of his health). He also introduces a new type of CC effect called “Fear” to the game in his heroic abilities Horrify which causes players to lose control and run a short distance away.

He is now available to play on the PTR.


This also means that there are some new PTR patch notes to look over and see what is coming tot he nexus. There are a lot of Hero changes coming in the next patch including some significant changes to Zagara. The Garden terror is also receiving a bit of damage boost to structures via the overgrowth bonus and some general talents have been reworked. You can check out the PTR notes over on the official Blizzard website. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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