Global Championship Circuit Coming in 2016

The details of the 2016 Global Championship Circuit were released at the weekend and it is looking like next year is going to be massive! A total of three Global Championships are planned for next year, with 12 spots up for grabs in each event.

In order to qualify, teams will need to battle their way to the top of their respective regions. The eight regions feeding into this event are Australia/New Zealand, China, Europe, Korea, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

It is interesting to note that with only eight regions and 12 spots available, some regions will be receiving more than one seat. There has yet to be confirmation of how the Championship allocations will work, but we speculate that these Championships will have a similar structure as the Road to BlizzCon, with the ANZ region only receiving one spot, and larger regions such as North America, Europe, China and Korea receiving two.

In a post on the Heroes of the Storm website shortly after the announcement, it is stated that, “Regional competitions will function independently from one another, with unique formats and structures, so that each region can determine the absolute best teams that they have to offer.” Here in Australian and New Zealand region, that decision will be made by @Blizard_ANZ, and means that the regional competitions will be a format that best shows off our strengths.

Once the format has been decided, these regional competitions will be partnered up with other major tournament organisers who will run sanctioned third party tournaments as part of the Global Championship Circuit, similar to this year’s Road to BlizzCon, which was ran by HappyRage and the Australian Cyber League (ACL).

Blizzard have also announced that there will be more support for regional esports, stating in their post, “For starters, we’d like to put even stronger support systems in place so that existing teams can continue to thrive, create a more sustainable esports environment where new teams can emerge, as well as provide individual, high-MMR players who have not yet jumped into esports with even more opportunities to show they have what it takes to compete on a global stage.”

According to the Heroes of the Storm website, the Circuit will begin in January next year, with the first Global Championship event scheduled to happen some time in Autumn 2016 (Spring in the US). This first event boasts a massive prize pool of $500,000 USD (~$708,000 AUD).

Expect more information to appear in the coming weeks.

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  • Hamish Covell

    I’m super hyped for this! Australia/New Zealand might be able to be noticed for once 🙂
    Can’t wait ’till January!