Getting to know Chromie

The latest hero to join the Heroes of the Storm’s line up is Chromie or Chronormu from the Warcraft universe. Although she may look cute, she’s imbued with the power of the Bronze Dragonflight making her a true force to be reckoned with. Chromie takes the role of a burst assassin with one of the highest ranges in the game. Don’t be surprised if you go from 100 to 0 leaving you staring at the death recap in confusion.

Anyway, this article isn’t going to go into depth about Chromie’s skills or abilities as we have a wonderful Chromie spotlight to explain this. Instead this article wants to focus on what Chromie can offer her team and what the ANZ HotS community thinks of her so far.

As mentioned before, Chromie’s abilities have one of the highest ranges in the game with the trade-off being that they are skill shot abilities. A wise Chromie player will know to use this to their advantage and set up in the backline with their teammates providing vision to poke at first until an all-out teamfight breaks loose. Working with team members to ensure that there’s crowd control to guarantee Chromie can land her skillshots is also beneficial, as she packs one of the highest burst damage numbers in the game currently.

Oh, did we mention that Chromie’s passive allows her to get her ultimate and augmented ultimate choice one level early? So level 9 and 19 instead of 10 and 20. If there’s enough damage on the team Chromie can even build more of a utility path speccing into talents that can provide vision and an area of effect slow.

Alright so we know Chromie gets her ultimate first, has range, damage and even utility – she sounds like the whole package. But she’s gotta have a weakness right? Chromie’s weakness is that she is a glass cannon in every sense of the word. If you have a sticky mobile assassin on her tail or some crowd control to lock her down, she’s extremely vulnerable with no reliable escapes.

More experienced Chromie’s work hard at ensuring they lay down their time trap/s (multiple if they spec into a talent allowing them to place 3) in high thoroughfare areas that they believe their attackers will use to get to them and try to fight in the backline near the support if things get ugly. They can also take a different stance and place time trap/s closer by to retreat into to lose their attackers.

Chromie Talents | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Chromie is currently labelled by Blizzard as being a “hard” difficulty champion to play and this is mainly is due to the reasons we’ve discussed above. Take one step out of line and it could end in your quick demise, or you could potentially miss every skill shot and have no impact in team fights. There’s a joke to be made here as for a bronze dragon who is a master of time – the timing of Chromie’s ultimate is everything whether you take Slowing Sands or Temporal Loop as they have a slow start up time and require some planning to use effectively. Most people use their ultimates reactively in HotS, but with Chromie it’s actually mostly the opposite where you need to be more proactive to get the best benefit out of it. When done well it can tip a teamfight into your favour.

There is a concern amongst the community that even with her squishiness and lack of reliable escapes that Chromie’s damage is too much. What a lot of the community don’t realise however is that Chromie’s Sandblast cannot hit Immortals, Punishers or Webweavers – units that Blizzard categorises as NPC bosses. Chromie is at a slight disadvantage on these maps as the only way she has of damaging these bosses is with Dragon’s breath. She also cannot use her Q to clear a minion wave or damage structures, making her siege damage and push potential a bit lacklustre unless she takes talents to empower her Dragon’s breath.

Chromie is a wonderful quirky addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster and she offers players a high skill with high reward type of gameplay. Many community members have expressed that playing Chromie or playing against Chromie has increased their map awareness and gameplay skills in general as players are learning to react to the fact that Chromie has to pre-emptively plan her moves to be effective.

Although Chromie’s current win percentage sits at a somewhat low 31.8% in Hero League, only time will tell (pun intended) if Blizzard intends to tweak her further, or if players are still unlocking her true potential and fully mastering her in game play.