Gamestah Announce HotS Ember Series

Earlier today, Gamestah media announced the Gamestah HotS Ember Series, a weekly semi-pro league that will take place every Tuesday in June.

This weekly event kicks off on 7 June and will feature three Swiss format rounds of best-of-one matches, with the two top teams competing in a best of three grand final.

In an effort to promote stability and competition within the region, entry to this event is free, and there is a $50 prize up for grabs each week, as well as streamed matches being eligible for the Plantronics MVP program.


In a press release that was published in addition to the announcement, Chris “Chrisis” McClement clarified that the Ember Series has been developed as a prelude to an invitational that Gamestah are planning for later in the year.

HotS in Oceania for some reason has just not taken off in the way that other MOBAs have. At Gamestah, we think that HotS is like a sleeping giant: poke it a little and it’ll wake up with a roar. That’s what we are hoping to do with the Ember series, and if things go well, the Fire vs Ice series should get the giant really dancing. That’s why we’re putting over $500 dollars of cash prizes up for the two competitions. – Chris

Gamestah has a great reputation for promoting esports in Australia and New Zealand, with the Ember Series being the newest addition to their line up of tournaments, including Overwatch, Rocket League and CS:GO events.

Teams interested in signing up to the first event on 7 June should keep an eye on the Gamestah website from Wednesday, 1 June.

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