Free hero on the Blizzard house

Free heroes for everyone! well a free hero anyway. After the next major content drop (scheduled for the  13th of September ) Blizzard will be offering players who log in a free hero out of a pool of 6 (depending on who you already own).

The free heroes up for offer are Tyrande, Anub’arak and Thrall. In the event you own any of these heroes  they will start to be replaced by Nazeebo, Sonya and Uther.  Good news for people who own all 6, you will get a 4000 gold gift instead.

It is a good list of heroes to choose from with most of them being a decent pick in competitive play. Not a bad time to start the game or even try to get your friends into it again.

Head over to the Blizzard blog post for more.




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