Five Seconds with Negative Synergy

With the first qualifier of Season Two just a few more sleeps away, we asked Negative Synergy Manager, Daniel Morton, a few quick questions about how the reigning champions are looking heading into Sunday’s tournament:

AH: Do you feel the team has a distinct advantage coming into the qualifiers so soon after returning from Korea, or is burn out an issue?

DM: The team have had a pretty good break after Korea and have been slowly getting back in to scrimming. The team were fortunate to have the opportunity to verse the best teams in the world and learnt a lot about the game while in Korea, so yes, we believe that the experience we had in Korea will give us a bit of on advantage.

AH: Have you had a chance to scrim with any local teams since returning from the championships?

DM: At this time we have scrimmed a couple teams since returning from Korea. Most of the teams are currently forming and about to start scrimming as much as possible once their rosters are stable.

AH: Do you have any advice for newer teams that may be thinking of entering?

DM: Some advice we would give to new teams would be focus on forming synergy and playing team fights properly in scrims, solo mechanics should be developed in Hero League. If a team isn’t working out, don’t just straight up disband, sometimes there can be 1 player causing a lot of issues for the team environment, it is a lot easier to just remove the issue and try find a replacement

Catch all the action from the first Season Two Qualifier tournament live this Sunday from 11am AEST on the ANZ Heroes Twitch channel

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