First Global Championship Circuit Dates for 2016 Announced

Details for the first round of the highly anticipated Global Championship circuit were announced today, with Blizzard posting information for each region in a blog post earlier this morning.

As a follow up, Community Manager, Arcagnian posted a few more details on the Aus/NZ General Discussion forums, which better highlights how things will work in our region:

Recently we announced our plans for Heroes of the Storm global esports in 2016.

We would like to go into some detailed info around our current planning for Australia and New Zealand.

Over the three seasons we have increased the overall prize money up for grabs both in ANZ and the Global Championship Circuit events. Each season the ANZ regional final will include its own $20,000 USD prize pool.

Qualifiers for season 1 kick of soon with January 31 scheduled for the first open qualifier and the second planned for February 7. For both qualifiers the top 2 teams will move forward.

Sign ups for these qualifiers will be open shortly.

Once we have found the top 4 teams, the ANZ season 1 regional final will be streamed live from the ESL Studio in Sydney on February 28.

The top ANZ team will be flown to Korea for the Spring finals and a shot at a $500,000 USD prize pool.

And all of this is just season 1!

We will update this thread with the ESL sign up page once it goes live.

For those who have been paying attention, you will note that the start dates included in the forum post are different compared to the blog post in the news section. It is also wrongly reported that the final will be a LAN event in Sydney. We have had confirmation from Blizzard ANZ that the details in the forum post are correct, and amendments will be made to the news post shortly.

Sign ups will become available through the ESL website in the next few days.

No news yet as to how this will affect the Summer Showdown Series which was scheduled to happen on the same weekend as the first qualifier. We’ll keep you posted as more news develops.

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