Community Spotlight – KidKerrigan

In this series we shine the light on prominent members of our community. ANZHeroes writer Polter caught up with KidKerrigan to find out what it is about Heroes that keeps her coming back.

Kerri is a streamer on Twitch who predominately streams Heroes with her own live audience regularly alongside being a well-recognised name in the ANZHeroes community!

P: Welcome to the ANZ Heroes Community Spotlight KidKerrigan! First off, tell us a bit about yourself?

K: Woohoo! I’m a streamer on Twitch, mostly playing Heroes of the Storm. I also have a weekend segment where I play games from my pile of shame, or games that my subs or viewers suggest. Like most newer streamers, I also have a full-time job to pay the bills, so most of my streams are in the evening Australian time.

P: So, in what may be a bit of a chicken or the egg question; what came first, streaming or Heroes?

K: I started experimenting with streaming a couple of years ago with potato internet that cut out every hour and buffered like hell, so it didn’t really kick off until late last year when I moved into a new place with NBN. I started playing Heroes while it was in alpha, as I’m signed up for all testing they have available on I’ve been about Blizzard games for a looooong time, so similarly to Hearthstone I was willing to try anything new they had to offer. At the time I was also learning Dota 2, so I was really enjoying the MOBA genre and Heroes was a great fit for me because of the characters. I also liked that it wasn’t as hefty of a time commitment to learn, which was a nice change of pace.

P: What is it about Heroes that keeps you coming back?

K: Trying to get better at the game. It’s no secret that I’m not the best player, and I don’t have the opportunity to play the game as much as I’d like. I learn something new about a mechanic, talent, interaction, etc. every time I play a game and try to incorporate what I learned next time. At the moment I was gunning for the ranked rewards before leagues are released, but it’s been tough getting consistent games lately. I’m really looking forward to the league system, though. I feel like it will really put into perspective whether or not I’m improving in my play. I’m on the mission for master skins, too 😉

P: Who are your top 5 favourite heroes?

K: My very top favourite to play are Zagara and Jaina. I play them in ranked whenever I can. I’m also enjoying Thrall, Li-Ming and Xul. I need to pick up Kerrigan again, though. She was the second hero after Zagara that I reached master level with before she was nerfed a while ago. Worst kept secret AU is that tanks are my least favourite, and also what I’m worst at.

P: If Heroes needs any changes (aside from those announced), what would you propose?

K: Right now, I’m genuinely forlorn that a lot of my Heroes buddies have deserted the game for Overwatch. The community has been cannibalised a lot right now, so I’m hoping we get more players back to populate the servers when that hype dies down a little. Hopefully that will come with changes to ranked mode. As for any other changes, we’ll have to wait and see how the game plays with the big ones coming up. It’s in a bit of unknown territory right now while we wait and grind away.

P: KidKerrigan, thanks for your time! Where can people catch you in all your Nexus glory?

K: Thanks for having me! I’m on most nights from 8PM AEST! You can see my updated weekly schedule and play some games with me on twitch.

You can catch KidKerrigan at the links below.

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